Supa Dave Investor created workshops to help Investors succeed in all stages on real estate investing. Below you will find products and services that we offer to all member and non-members. 

Basic Knowledge

  • Introduction to the Campaign
  • Rules and Guidelines
  • Marketing
  • Overview of Researching a Property
    • Appraisal Districts
    • MLS
  • Overview of Analyzing the Property
  • Overview of Negotiating Deals
  • Overview of Contracts and Closings

70% Rule & Financing

  • What is the 70% Rule
  • How to apply the 70% Rule
  • Determining the value of a Deal
  • After Repair Value (ARV)
  • Hard Money Financing
  • Bank Financing

Contract & Title Companies

  • Residential Contracts
  • Assignment Contracts
  • What to look for in a Title Company
    • Title Search
    • “Cloud” on Title
    • Accept Assignments
    • Heirship Properties
    • Building a Relationship

Research & Negotiate

  • Property Description
    • Appraisal Districts
    • Taxes
    • Mortgages
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
    • If the property is currently listed
    • Recently sold comparables
    • Rental comparables
  • Negotiating
    • Knowing what you want to offer
    • Empathizing with Seller
    • Getting the Deal

Products Offered

Notary (Mobile)
Corporate Resolution
Corporate Agreement
Employer Identification Number (EIN)
Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Hard Money Application Assistance
Banking Application Assistance
Processing Hard Money Loan
Supa Dave – General Contractor
Onsite Visit (Per Visit)
Banking Relationships (Credit Approval Required)

Plus Level - $2,499

Campaign designed for the investor that wants to expand on marketing only.




Elite Level - $3,499

Campaign designed for the investor that has some knowledge about investing but need additional guidance with an Expert.



Supa Level - $5,000

Campaign designed for the investor that is just getting started with investing and looking for guidance with Supa Dave. Or the investor that does not have the time but still wants to invest.


SUPA ELITE Level - $7,500

Campaign designed for Partnerships or anyone needing more guidance with Supa Dave.